Thursday, May 21, 2015

A trip to Oregon and Washington-Time in Carmel and Salinas

Two years ago, the girls and I took an awesome driving trip up to Oregon and Washington.  This trip took us two weeks, as we made stops along the way.  Our first stop was in Salinas, CA and we stayed at the Residence Inn Salinas Monterey for two nights.  Normally, I like staying at the Residence Inns, because it gives the three girls of us room to spread out and it also gives us two bathrooms and usually it is cheaper than staying in a normal hotel.  Unfortunately, we were on the second floor and it felt like the people above us were coming through the roof.  Overall, I liked the hotel.

Marissa stayed at the hotel the next day, which is typical of her, especially after we have been driving all day the previous day or we are doing a lot the next day.  Mari and I headed for Carmel to see Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo.  Please see my blog called for pictures and a description of the history of the mission.  We also did some exploring in Carmel and had lunch at The Tuck Box in Carmel.  When I was growing up and we were in Carmel, we would go to The Tuck Box, which is mainly a tea room.  The food was good, as well as the tea.

Place to sit

Tree and Building in Carmel


I love historic train stations, so while we were visiting in Salinas,  we stopped at the Salinas Station and explored the depot.  The Coast Starlight goes through this station on the way north and south from Seattle and Los Angeles.  The depot was constructed in 1941 by the Southern Pacific Railroad and exhibits a pared down Spanish Revival style as influenced by the then-popular Art Deco Movement.  Spanish Revival elements include the red tile roof and stuccoed walls, while the Art Deco influence is visible in the rectilinear composition and clean lines.  Greyhound moved its Salinas station here this year.

Salinas train station
There was also a Victorian house in the same area as the train station.  I love Victorian architecture.

Victorian architecture house
Mari and I, also went to the Mission in Soledad that day and on my Mission blog, you will find a description of that Mission and some pictures.


  1. I love benches. Would love to do a whole photo book just on all the different benches I come across.

  2. Eydie Stumpf, that sounds like a cool idea. I would like to do the same thing with doors.