Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Oregon-Washington-Day 6-We arrive in Portland, OR

Day 6 was a lot of driving along the coast and along I-5 or as we Southern Californians know it as the "5".  We started the day in Brookings, OR with a beautiful sunrise and a walk along the beach.  Great way to start the day!

Morning view from Brookings, OR

Left Brookings and headed up 101 and stopped in Port Orford, OR for lunch.  Port Orford, Oregon is the oldest town on the Oregon Coast and is the most westerly in the 48 states.  Port Orford, OR is a working fishing port and has an active art community.  The rain cloud found us in Port Orford, OR and we had rain the rest of the way up to Portland, OR. We drove up 101 to north of Coos Bay and cut across to I-5 and went through the little town of Drain.  I find some town names interesting.

Along 101

Bridge in Port Orford, OR

Building in Port Orford, OR

Scotch broom

Sea gull

View from the bridge

Wall art

When we got to Portland, we found the hotel, which was another Residence Inn, and checked in and parked the car for the entire time we were in Portland.  I like taking public transportation, when it is good and available.  We had an awesome view from our room and we totally enjoyed this hotel.


  1. Love that you're always on the go, Trudi!

  2. For the last two years, we really haven't been traveling that much. This trip was two years ago.

  3. I'm a Portlander and you're making me want to go to the coast! Very nice post.

  4. Sounds like a great journey!
    Nat :-D

  5. love that photo of the 'building' in Port Orford, Oregan.

    Great to see some more local insights

  6. Thank you Chris Nash! I love old buildings and wall art! You are so welcome!

  7. What an adventure - great post :) and I agree with Chris - that photograph is fantastic!

    1. Thank you Gabrielle Morley-Ham. It was an awesome trip and I fell in love with Oregon!

  8. What a beautiful photo essay! It looks like a gorgeous place. I need to visit!
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist