Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A quiet day in between storms

Good Morning!

Overcast and cool!  The birds are singing!  It is peaceful in the house, as the girls are not up yet.

 The computer issue has been resolved for Mari and the house is back to pre-vacation.  Today, I am having lunch with a friend and this is organizing day, plus I am getting my car washed.  Tomorrow, Rory comes home and I know he is dealing with a cold and his broken toe.  He has a tendency to go to pneumonia and I am dealing with the what ifs and knowing he will not do anything on his own.  We shall see what happens.

This was taken on May 30, 2013 from a vista point on I-5 near Mt. Shasta.

This has definitely been a good day!  The girls slept in!  Got all of my computer stuff done by the time they got up and I took a nap.  Rory called, just after I got up and his recent fun and games is that the bed he was sleeping in last night, broke!  I guess that is three things on this trip-broken toe, cold and broken bed!  Cleared up some things with credit card companies and then left to meet up with my friend for lunch.  It was really nice to see her.  After lunch I went to get the car washed and then to Smart&Final, make reservations for Father's Day brunch and then to Goodwill.  Came home and continued to get things done, which felt really good.  I am going to do one more thing and then start getting dinner.

This was taken today on one of our hills!

We had dinner and watched some TV and then I watched Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.  This was a program I was watching when I first started losing weight and it kept me going.  I am currently my lowest.  After I watched Extreme Makeover, I came down and watched Haunted Collector with Mari.

I am tired and I am headed for bed.  My last night of sleeping by myself for awhile.  Rory comes home tomorrow.

Something I am noticing with my photography is that after we get home from a trip, I have a hard time getting inspired.  I feel like I am going through that right now.  I feel like it is a chore.  After we got back from England three years ago, it was 9 days before I took a picture.  Last year, when we got back from Washington, D.C., it was 5-6 days.  Mari keeps telling me, make a story out of it.  I am not sure what she means and when I ask her, she just says, keep it simple.

Good night!  Trudi

I love Victorian home and this is Georgetown.  This picture was taken a year ago.

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