Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One year and knowledge

Good Morning!

This is the Balboa Pavilion in Balboa, CA.  This was one of my father's favorite places. This picture was taken two years ago.

I have written 365 posts.  Wow!  I am not sure when I started doing this, that I would keep this going for this long.  I know I have grown and gotten more knowledge over this last year.

The devotional I read this morning was Psalm 100 and I liked the last statement in the devotional-"Understanding that the Lord is bigger than any of your needs, that he is your Creator-you belong to him-can't help but put the wow back into your worship."  I know knowledge does help and I know the more I read the Bible and study, I know more about God.  The more I learn, the more I know and I like that.  I really have to push myself, to know more and not to get complacent in where I am.  Yesterday, when Rory was having the bone scans, it will tell us what his bones are like and that is a good thing.  Knowledge is a good thing.

This has not been a good day in how I have been feeling.  I have been tired and my neck is still bothering me, as well as the cold/allergy.  I took a nap around 10 and then took Mari to the dentist.  While she was at the dentist, I went to the cleaners, Walgreen's to drop off Rory's pictures, Sprouts and the gas station.  I was headed home, when Mari called me.  She has a couple of cavities, so she has to go back on Thursday.  Came home, ate lunch and took another nap, as Rory was going to a movie and was being a grouch!  The girls and I left about 2:15 to take Marissa to counseling.  While Marissa was in counseling, Mari and I went walking.  It was not the most inspiring walk in the world, but we did take a walk.  On the way home, we went by Trader Joe's and got some things.  There was a group of people in front of the store, that I am not fond of and I made a fool of myself on the way out and was not happy with myself.

We got home and Rory was downstairs.  I have been going through having energy and then not having energy all day.  I really needed to lay down in the recliner.  I did some laundry and then I did lay down in the recliner.  Did some thinking.  Yes, I am not feeling the best, but I need to get back to doing things I enjoy, such as my organizing, my pictures and my blogs.  Tomorrow, I was supposed to have lunch with a friend, but she is dealing with some health issues and with my cold, I cannot be around her, so I will be staying home until about 2, when I take Marissa to the psychiatrist.  The house gets cleaned tomorrow as well.  Mari and I were going to watch "Off Limits", but Rory came down and that just spoils it for me, because he wants to talk and I really wanted to watch the TV.  I came upstairs and doing this.  Rory does not understand what is going on with his body and really does not want to change.

Going back down and give Sweet Pea her shot and then I will come up here for the rest of the night.

Good night!  Trudi

This was taken at Monticello last year.

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