Thursday, June 6, 2013

Waiting, but moving forward!

Good Morning!

 The sun is actually out this morning, yes, we had some of our June gloom.  Watched a lizard run across the patio.  Marissa was up at 8, which was a surprise.

Three weeks ago, I took Rory to Orange County airport and today I pick him up from Los Angeles Internatonal Airport.  It is usually difficult when he comes home from a trip and we get back to "normalcy".  I am moving forward with my normal routine, but a part of me is waiting for Rory to come home, to see what is going to happen.  In many ways, he takes control of this house, when he is home.  The two of us have a control issue.

I am working on my morning computer routine and today, I am going to work on blogs.

Computer routine done, towels put in the dryer and a nap taken!  I am done with all the laundry from the girls and my trip; now, I just have to wait for Rory to get home!  Now, I am going to start on blogs.

Made a salad for lunch.  Really trying to eat healthy!  So far, so good!  I have lost almost 2 pounds since I have been home from vacation.

Mari and I left about 1:30 and headed for LAX, with a stop at the gas station and Starbuck's.  Rory called about 2:40 and told me, where he was and I told him, I was in Long Beach and would be there as soon as I could.  Drove back in LA traffic, UGH!  All of us are home now and I need to make dinner.

Rory was very tired when he got home and now he is going through all of his stuff.  I understand some of the things he brings home, but there are things he brings home, I really wonder about.  I feel like he brings things into the house and I take things out of the house.  I know this trip meant alot to him, so I am trying to be respectful.  I am sure he saw some beautiful country.  There are things that are going to be up for awhile, but then, in some respect, they are going to go away.

Doing my usual night time routine.  I watched the first week of Extreme Makeover.  Rory came down in the middle and as usual, before he left for vacation, I went upstairs and he went downstairs.  He is going from being chilled to being hot and he has not taken his medication.  I do not want to be his caregiver or his mother.  I will cook, yes, but he has to take care of himself.  These last three weeks have been nice.  Yes, we have had our struggles.  I hope I can wait for Mari to graduate.  I do not want to foul her up.

Good night!  Trudi

This was the view from our room in Alexandria, VA after a storm.  This was taken a year ago.

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