Friday, June 14, 2013

Bells and time

Good Morning!

This was part of Oregon that I loved.  The green and the waterfalls.  It was beautiful country.

My devotional this morning was reading Psalm 118 and the devotional talked about the bells on a clock and how fast we move now a days and how little time we seem to have compared to people in the past. When the devotional talked about the bells on a clock, I also thought about how the people in a mission, used to live by the bells.  The bells announced all parts of the day.  Somehow we need to slow down and enjoy the time we have and not take on so much.  I need to remember that as well.

Today, we are having someone from Sears come back out and reinstall the microwave, so that we can open the upper cabinet doors.  I really want to get out today and Mari and I were talking last night about going to Whole Foods in Tustin and getting some lunch and then maybe going to Laguna.  We shall see how she is feeling and what I can handle.  Marissa is going to a movie with a friend and Rory is staying home.

I was so nice, I gave Mari my cold!  Sorry, Mari!  What I want to know is why can't I ask someone to do something one time and expect it to be done, without having to constantly follow up with them several times.  I, really, do not like to micro-manage.  The issue with the microwave has been taken care of.  Mari and I drove over to Whole Foods to get lunch and some other things we needed.  Came home and Rory was downstairs.  I was hoping to have the afternoon in the living room, but I am going to go upstairs and edit pictures, etc.  He, either sleeps in the chair in front of the TV in the living room or he sleeps on the bed with the TV on in our bedroom.

This is the entrance to the toll road in Santiago Canyon.  I labeled it-Where does this road go?

Today is my photography day and I have been editing a whole bunch of pictures from our trip.  I did get another nap while I was upstairs.  Marissa left about 3:30 to see a movie with her friend.  Rory had to discuss all of the mail with me, so I decided to take a walk down the hill and take some pictures.  It cleared my head, which I was thankful for.  Rory loves to put everything on everybody else to do and I turned it around on him.  He went upstairs and Mari came out of her room after taking a nap.  Mari and I have been hanging out in the living room and now we had better get dinner.

Mari made Rory's dinner and I made ours and then we watched "Dead Files".  Rory came down about 8 and I came back upstairs for the night.  Going to try to finish editing pictures for May 28, 2013 before I go to bed.

Good Night!  Trudi

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