Monday, June 3, 2013

Doing something for someone else and something for me!

Good Morning!

Going through our June gloom!

Rory called me this morning and told me that he was going to stay with the tour and that he would be home on Thursday as planned.  YEA!  It would have cost him $3000 to have them X-ray his foot.  Going through the airport, he will be in a wheel chair.  Rory wants me to bring one of the girls to help with the luggage.

I am taking Rory's car to Big O to get the oil changed, as I know he will not feel like it when he gets home.  While they are changing the oil, Mari and I are going walking.  According to my new schedule, I am working on blogs today and probably take a nap!

Mari and I took Rory's car to Big O and got the oil changed and while they were doing that, Mari and I took a walk.  Came home and took a nap, then made lunch, working on laundry, as well as some other things and now I get to work on my blogs.  Rory sent us a gift from Alaska of socks and hats.  The socks I will use, but the hats, I will not.  We don't live in a snowy climate and I don't like hats.  I guess they might come in useful in the rain sometime.  I have to be respectful and say thank you.

Wrote out one of my blogs about Mission San Buenaventura.  I was going to do some laundry, when Mari had a problem with her computer.  We went to the Apple store, plus we went to Sears and got my new microwave.  Came home and edited my picture of the day and then made dinner.  We watched TV and I did talk to Rory, as he had called around 3, when we were dealing with Mari's computer.  He asked me to look at the place he is staying, which I finally did.  I was also trying to find out he broke his toe.  He banged his toe into a wood bed post.  OW!

I took this on our walk today!

Doing my usual nighttime routine!  Getting in touch with friends to have lunch!

Good night!


This was taken a year ago when we were in Alexandria, VA

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