Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Talking about the good things-Being positive

Good Morning!

Sunny morning this morning and the painters are at work and I am getting a new refrigerator today.  I have a tour at the Mission to do today as well!  I read Psalms 145 this morning and the devotional was talking about bragging about God.  This picture was taken in Yorba Linda a couple of years ago.  I love stained glass windows.

I know in many ways I have a tendency to be negative and complaining.    I am working on being more positive.  When you live with someone who is negative, this is hard.  I like being positive, rather than negative.  I am working on being content with where I am.  Yesterday, when Mari and I were walking down at San Clemente, I was watching a little boy walking with his mom and exploring everything.  I need to do that as well and enjoy being in the moment.  I said to Mari, later, that I have a tendency to think I have to hurry up and get home and now a days, I say to myself, WHY?  When I worked, yes, I did need to hurry up and get home, if I had work to do.  I am thankful right now, that I can enjoy the moment and not worry about hurrying!  I have to be thankful for all we have right now.

Better get breakfast and get the refrigerator cleaned out.  Breakfast made and Mari is getting the refrigerator cleaned out, better go help, as I am feeling guilty, sitting here.  I received a call around 8 saying that the refrigerator would be delivered between 9:45-11:45.  When I left around 10:15, everything was ready for the refrigerator to be delivered.  I headed for the Mission, as I had a tour of adults at 11:15 a.m.  During the summer, we do more adult tours, than 4th graders.  I enjoyed this tour.  I came out to the car and Rory called me and said that the refrigerator had not been delivered and this was 12:45.  The food had been sitting out all this time.  I got very upset and called delivery and they stated that the refrigerator was to be delivered between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., which made me more upset and then the girl on the phone tried to sell me something and I hung up.  I called the store and talked to a manager and told him the whole story and he wanted to know what he could do.  Rory had said to ask for $400 and I asked for $200.  He said he would call back and I have yet to hear from him.

Over the last month, our washer went out and I bought a washer and dryer from Sears and they were supposed to be delivered on the Saturday before Mother's Day and wasn't.  They were delivered on Mother's Day.  After we got back from vacation, I purchased a microwave from Sears and it was installed on time, but I could not open the cabinets above the microwave and had to have someone come out and take care of the issue.  When the refrigerator went out, I went back to Sears and purchased a refrigerator and had the issues I had today.  The sales people tell you that you will be called the night before the delivery as to what time and I was not.  Someone did call me this morning and tell me a time and then when I did call Sears, they told me a different time and the refrigerator was delivered around 1 p.m.  I do not want to go to Home Depot, but I am not sure I want to go to Sears either, anymore.  I will have to think long and hard about where I will buy appliances next time.

After we got the house back to normal, I tried to lay down and take a nap, but couldn't really sleep.  Mari and I hung out in the living room for awhile and then went to Target to get stuff for dinner and also went to Old Navy.  Came home, made dinner and watched TV.  Rory came down and wanted to talk.  I ended up coming upstairs.  Going to finish this, give Sweet Pea her injection and then edit one day worth of pictures and watch the rest of my Lincoln DVD and go to bed.

Good night!  Trudi

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