Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Growing older

Good Morning!

This is a perfect picture for my devotional this morning.  I read Psalm 103 and the last sentence in the devotional says "The truth is, you're getting older every day.  Embrace aging as your pathway to being ever growing, ever green with an eternal purpose.  This flower is at the end of my front walkway.  I have a Women's Devotional Bible.

Today, I am going to work on some organizing things.  I am looking forward to getting back to doing some things I enjoy.  I still have my cold; it is mainly my nose and a cough.  I decided I am getting to old to be a monkey.  I realized where my sore muscles came from.  I was trying to do something in a very tight space and I should not have done that.  Pretty good sleep last night.  More rest today.  Marissa has an appointment this afternoon with the psychiatrist.

This morning, I did get my computer routine done, two naps as one was interrupted by a phone call, put my last load of laundry in the dryer for the week and did some filing.  Going to work on a storage box this afternoon.  Interesting how the weather can change in one day; yesterday was 85 degrees and today is in the low 70's and cloudy.  It seems we are going to have June gloom all day.  We did not have June gloom all day.

Marissa and I left about 2 and headed for Dana Point.  After leaving, I happened to notice that my "check tire" light was on.  I did not have time to go to Big O to take care of it.  We got to Marissa's appointment.  Her psychiatrist gave me some ideas for getting Marissa on SSDI.  I will start working on this next week.  We stopped to get some frozen yogurt, then to Big O.  Found out that I had a slash in my tire and ended up getting 4 new tires, which I was going to have to get the new time I brought the car in for service.  I did not like the check tire light on, but I was not freaking.  Went to Target and then came home.  My energy level has not been the highest lately.  It was better this afternoon, but when we stopped at Big O, it went downhill fast.  Came home and lay down for a little bit.  While we were at Target, I asked the pharmacist what was best to take for my "cold".  After dinner, I took it and we shall see how it works.  I , hopefully, am going to get to watch Ghost Hunters tonight, but we shall see what Rory does.

This was taken near Marissa's psychiatrist appointment.

I will say good night!


This is Agecroft Hall and is in Richmond, VA.  We took this last year.

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