Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wisdom and discipline

My daughters, two years ago on Father's Day!

Good Morning!

We are back to our overcast and cloudy morning!  I am thankful for this new day and the quietness of the morning.  The birds are singing and I can hear the ladders of the painters.  The painters will be doing touch up and trim paint for the next couple of days.

This morning, I was reading Proverbs 1 and that is the reason, my blog this morning is titled Wisdom and discipline.  Wisdom is something I try to constantly acquire, as I know by always learning it helps me in all sorts of other ways.  I try to be a disciplined person, although, I am not always that way when it comes to eating and taking care of my physical body.  I have acquired the habit of reading the Bible every day.

Today, I have nothing planned. Today is organizing day, which means I am going to do some filing and go over to the storage unit and go through some saved emails.  Mari and I are also, going to do a walk.

Got my computer routine done and did laundry!  Took a nap and then got some filing done and went over to the storage unit and did some organizing.  Came home and picked up Mari  and went to get lunch at Chipotle and also some cat litter at Pet Smart.  Came home, had lunch  and I was feeling tired, so I took another nap.  I think yesterday and all the stress, got to me.  About 2, Mari and I headed for Laguna to go walking.

On the way back, we stopped to get some frozen yogurt, stopped at Trader Joe's and then at Target.  Came home and had quiet time and then made dinner, with some help from Mari.  Ate dinner and watched TV.  Marissa still not feeling well.  I am not sure if her anxiety is kicking in, as well.  Just hanging out for the rest of the evening.  It was nice to watch "Ghost Hunters" with Mari tonight!

Good Night!  Trudi

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