Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day and the men in my life

Good Morning!

It is sunny this morning!  We are going out to brunch at noon today to celebrate Father's Day with Rory.

My father was my best friend and I miss him very much.  Yesterday, when I was picking out cards for Rory, I thought how easy it would have been to pick out a card for my dad.  I might have had the opposite problem that I had with trying to find a card for Rory.  Instead of having a few choices, I would have had too many choices.  My grandfathers were very similar, but very different.  My mother's father was an alcoholic and a workaholic and I don't really believe my mother had a great father role.  My dad's father had a green thumb and was a lover of sweets.  He expected my grandmother to do a lot.  My memories of my grandmother was walking with two canes and having braces on her knees.  One thing I remember about my dad's father was his homemade peach ice cream.  My father-in-law was not a nice man, to be nice.  Rex and I talked until the girls were about 5 and then I got very tired of his cigar and his monologues and Rory told me to tell him that.   I am sorry Rory had to grow up this way and it has affected him and in many ways, he has become like his dad, who he really did not like.  I am sorry the girls have to have a father that they do not really respect; but I am glad they got to know my dad.  I don't know if Marissa will ever marry, due to her Asperger's.  I hope, if and when Mari does marry that she can have a loving man in her life, who respects and treats her with love.

After brunch today, we are going to have to go buy a new refrigerator.  ANYTHING ELSE!  So far it has been the washer and dryer, the microwave, Mari's computer, new set of tires and now the refrigerator.  I am thankful we have the money to do this.

Marissa has now come down with the wonderful cold that is going around our house.

I got my computer stuff done this morning and the laundry separated and one load started.  I took a nap before we left for brunch.  Mari and I drove down and Rory took his own car.  Brunch was nice and not that expensive.  Went over to Sears and got the new refrigerator, which will be delivered on Tuesday.  YEA!  Mari and I went to Trader Joe's, Casey's and Ralph's to get some ice.  Came home.  Rory and Mari are watching the movie he got, Marissa is in her room and I am hanging out in our room.

Came downstairs and watched the end of "The Impossible" with Rory and Mari.  Got vacuuming done, dinner in the oven and the patio ready for the painters tomorrow.  I cannot go shopping and I cannot work on the patio, so my list of things to do is done for today.  I guess I will edit pictures.

Dinner is made and eaten.  Marissa has been having up and down periods and mainly hanging out in her room.  Mari and I have been hanging out downstairs and Rory is hanging out in our room.  Mainly going to edit pictures tonight.  May try to watch a DVD tonight.  Nice relaxing day today!

Good night!  Trudi

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