Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lessons learned

Good Morning!

It is a sunny day and supposed to be in the mid to upper 80's today.

This was a good trip, but a hard trip.  It is nice to be home.  Next time, we are going to one place and stay there for several days.

Today is going to be an organizing day.  So far I have gotten my suitcase unpacked and started working on getting my closet organized.  Rory has a tendency to stock up on things and hoard.  Since Rory is not here, I am going to organize the closet.  I am also going to take a nap!  Got breakfast and took a nap!  When I got up, I got the box I keep in the car cleaned out.  Been meaning to do that for awhile.  Then I went to Target and got a new microwave.  We are going to have two, as I want to get one for over the stove, to replace the one that is currently there and does not work.  Came back and ate lunch.  Now I am going to go through all the mail from the last two weeks.  I enjoyed vacation and now I have to deal with all of the things that took place at home.  Oh such fun!

Took another nap and then went to get some fruits and veges, so we have some things to eat around this house.  There is a store called "Mission Ranch Market" that is near us and they have good fruits and veges for not too much money.  Keeping going.  Checkbook taken care of.  I have a Franklin Covey and while we were on our trip, I kept a running log, so that when I got home, it was very easy to transfer.  YEA!

Needed something easy today.  This is one of the flowers on my patio.  It is dinner time, so I had better get to it.  Mari and I made dinner and then watched TV.  Rory called tonight and is in Jasper.  Finishing up getting organized from being on vacation.  Tomorrow, I plan to do my usual Sunday prepare for the week.

Saying good night!  Trudi

Interesting how a year ago, we were on our way to Washington D.C. and today, we just finished vacation.  This is a picture of the sunset at Chicago O'Hare Airport.

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