Sunday, June 2, 2013

Making a home a home

Good Morning!

It is cool and gray this morning!  I feel more rested today!  Today, I am doing laundry, making a menu and doing shopping and we are doing hair.

I am really trying to work at being content with where I am and to surrender my life to God each day.  I know I would love to go back to Oregon to live, but for now, that is not possible, so I need to be content with where I am.

This is the capital building in Sacramento, CA.  This was the view from our room in Sacramento.

After I got my computer stuff done, I decided to take a nap.  Did my Bible reading and then took a nap.  Rory called to tell me, he is not going horse back riding, while I was trying to sleep.  I told him that I was taking a nap and he said, that it was not noon and I told him that I take naps when I feel like I need it.  Got up and got the laundry going.  Made up a menu and shopping list and then made lunch.  After lunch, Marissa and I went to Target and Mari took a nap.  When we got back, all of us went to get hair cuts and also went to Trader Joe's.  Hopefully, I have food for the week.  Came home and now we are doing our own thing.  Rory called again while I was eating lunch.  He is struggling on this trip.  Going to get dinner started soon.

Had dinner and watched some TV.  Mari and I colored each other's hair.  Did some work on the patio.  I feel like I have our house back to being a home!  Took a couple of days, but we were gone for 14 days.

Getting tired, so in about an hour, I am going to head for bed!

Good Night!  Trudi

I took this in Alexandria, VA a year ago!

I just got a call from Rory, that he thinks he broke his toe and his going to ER!  I have had an almost three week break, but I was really hoping he was not coming home until Thursday.  I have certain things I want to get done before he gets home.  Oh well, we shall see!

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