Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Good Morning!

Our usual June gloom and coolness, which I am enjoying!  Yes, I like the sun, but that usually means it gets warmer, which I don't enjoy, unless it stays under 75 degrees.  Is there a middle ground between dryness and humidity?

This morning I was having a conversation with myself about happiness!  I really believe overall, I am not really a happy person.  Then there comes the discussion of happiness and joy!  I do enjoy doing things for others, I do enjoy writing my blogs, I do enjoy exploring and taking pictures and sharing them with others. I do enjoy being organized and planning.   I deal, also, with acceptance and perfectionism.  Am I doing a good job or is someone doing better than me.

I had a good morning!  Someone I know and I have been playing phone tag with recently.  We were finally able to connect this morning.  We had a 45 minute phone conversation and it was really nice.  Now, we are headed for the Apple store to see if they can fix Mari's computer.  This afternoon, the three girls of us are headed for Marissa's therapist.  I have not heard from Rory, which is nice.  When I talk to him, all I hear is about him and when he asks me about the girls and I, I talk, but I do not really feel like I am being heard, so I really do not feel like talking to him.  Today, in between things, I am going to work on pictures.

An old church in Anaheim taken a couple of years ago.

Mari and I went to the Apple store and Mari's computer is dead!  There was moisture damage and it would cost about $700 to fix it.  Fortunately I was able to get her a new computer.  We had one issue with a credit card that I know has plenty of credit on it, but the card was declined for some unknown reason.  This is the card I usually use for travel.  Luckily, the other card was accepted.  I just really did not want to use that card and having a card turned down, brought back all the memories of when we did not have much money.  It was lunch time when we left there.  We got Rory's car washed first and then went to Chipotle for lunch.  Came home, ate lunch, got a nap and then we headed for Marissa's therapy appointment.  Came home and now I need to make dinner; which is going to be really easy, as we are having TV dinners.  I have yet to edit pictures.  Hopefully tonight!  Rory called once today and now has a cold.  Good thing he is coming home on Thursday.

I am really having a hard time getting inspiration taking pictures, especially after having been in the Pacific Northwest.  This is my daily picture.

While I was making dinner, Mari got a call from the Apple store and her computer was ready, so after dinner we went over there and got her new computer, plus some dessert.  Came home and now winding down and just having girl chat!  It is so nice to have just the three of us in the house and one four legged princess!

Good Night!  Trudi

We went to Arlington Cemetery a year ago!

I finally got to edit pictures.

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