Saturday, June 8, 2013


Good Morning!

Usual June morning!  Overcast early and sunny later!

Mari and I are going to the Getty Center today to see one exhibit!

Last night, I was working on a Photoshop class I am taking and Mari was helping me somewhat.  I am really getting to the point that the more I accomplish, the more confidence I am getting and this feels good.

I took this yesterday on our walk in Corona del Mar.

I got my computer routine done and then I took a nap.  A friend of mine ended up joining us, which was nice.  Left about 11:30, went to get sandwiches and then picked up my friend and then headed for the Getty Center.  We went to see the exhibit I wanted to see and then we went out to the gardens, which we enjoyed.  Got snack and then worked ourselves to the car.  Traffic was bad and it took us quite a while to get home.  Good day.  Picked up Rory's dinner on the way home.  Made dinner and watching TV with the girls.  I am tired tonight!

This is Getty Center, where we went today, as taken from the garden!

Good night! Trudi

This was taken at Ford Theater last year in Washington, D.C

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