Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Changing day-Day 21

Today has been a day of changes. Another not great night of sleep, but this time it was me. I felt like all I was doing was going to the bathroom, but maybe it was because of how much water I drank yesterday. Mari and I were supposed to go walking with a friend at the lake and she cancelled, as she was not feeling well. This is typical of this friend on some things. As it was getting close to 9 a.m., we decided to not walk as well. Got things done around the house. Rory was supposed to go to work and that ended up canceling. My friend texted me and wanted to know if the girls and I wanted to go to lunch at a place she liked, as she was feeling better. We went to lunch and then ran some errands. I have been having problems with my knee and I have been wanting to find some sandals, but with some support. We had gone to Payless yesterday, but I could not find what I wanted. Today, we went into this other store and the prices almost did me in. I am glad I stayed. I got two pairs of sandals and the people who own the shop are like feet doctors. I have been wearing the sandals and my feet and knee are not bothering me as much. As several people have said, "I need to take care of me." One of my other errands was to Petsmart to get food for Sweet Pea. Every time we go in to that store, we have to see the cats that are for adoption. I could be the cat lady, if I wasn't careful. I love animals. I am just learning to roll with the punches. Picture for day 20-new walking shoes for Mari
The sandals I bought are awesome. I get so excited about little things. These shoes I feel are going to help my knee and feet. YEA! I am not having as much pain in my knee or arch. We had dinner and watched TV. Talked to Rory and he heard from our attorney regarding the trust. I was really hoping that my step-mother-in-law would do what she was supposed to do, but no, as usual she is making it difficult. I am thankful we have enough money to get along. We will eventually get the money. Other than that we are having a nice relaxing night at home. Good night, Trudi

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