Friday, July 6, 2012

Off to Los Angeles-Day 16

I am really trying to take care of me! This morning I slept in until almost 7, which was nice. I decided to take my walk at the park, which was nice. I love going walking first thing in the morning, when it is nice and cool. Came home and got breakfast. Mari starts back to school on August 27. Rory was asking what Marissa was going to do and I told him at this point, I don't know, she deals with a lot of fear. As with writing this blog or writing anything or starting anything, the first step is hard, but then it gets easier. She needs to take the first step. I asked her to do that and so far I have not heard anything. I asked Mari to plan this weekend and I asked her this morning, what she wanted to do and she wanted to go up to Echo Park and do one of the Secret Steps walk, which was fine with me. Road trip! Let's go! We left about noon time and stopped to get a sandwich and then headed for LA. Found our start point and started the walk. This walk was near Echo Park Lake, which the City of Los Angeles is redoing and then it goes into Angelino Heights, which is an area with many Victorian homes. This happens to be my favorite type of architecture. I had a field day with taking pictures. A film company was doing some filming at a home that we were walking by. This walk took us two hours, then we started home in traffic. We stopped and got a muffin and a cold drink. A couple of things came to mind, while we were driving. I seem to do my best thinking in the car, first thing in the morning and in the shower. I came up with some ideas for my blog on back roads and I have decided that an RV is not for me. I still want to drive the country, but in a car and staying at extended stay hotels, which are less expensive. The other two things I need to work on over these next two years are how to get sponsored, if I want to do blogs, and what I really want to write on, in traveling the country. I also need to work on having more time to write. I need to spend less time on FB and emails and more time time writing, taking pictures and editing pictures. Do I need to get up earlier and do writing and editing, when I have a quiet house. I do wake up at 5:30, maybe I need to use that time for an hour to write. I want to start moving forward. I need to get past my lack of self-confidence and know that I can do this. Pictures from Day 15 of our new couch and recliner
I am getting more used to the recliner. Good night, Trudi

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