Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trying a new winery-Day 17

I was thinking of getting up early and doing some writing, but I was tired from yesterday and it was just nice to stay in bed until about 6:45. Got up and got going. Why does Rory have to tell me everything he is going to do and why do we have to go over and over the next couple of weeks? Everytime we go out and do some exploring, I feel more peaceful and can put up with Rory more. Did my walking around the complex this morning. Texted Val to see when her MRI's are and was surprised at how quickly she got back to me. She is a late sleeper usually, but I know she is dealing with some health issues. Trying a different schedule today, as I would like more time to do things I enjoy and not feel like I am constantly doing house stuff. I am debating about taking some writing classes, but am afraid to squelch this roll I am on. Again it is self-confidence and I feel like I get overwhelmed when I take classes and it would be one more thing for me to do. Day 16 pictures:
Mari and I decided we were going to try a winery that is near us this afternoon. Got all the house stuff done and took my nap, had lunch and then Mari and I left about one to run an errand. After my nap, I saw that a friend of mine had posted a picture, so I texted her and asked her if she would like to go to a winery with us. She called me back and later she decided to go, even though she is not a big fan of wine. It was nice to see her, as we have not seen her in a while. We tasted about 5 wines and had some cheese and crackers. Bought a couple of wine bottles and then walked around and took some wine. I have been using my little camera a lot lately and I started feeling guilty, because I was not using by good camera. I know this should be about what I enjoy and it is about taking pictures. I felt so nice and calm at the winery, as it felt like we were out in the country. After we left there, we decided we were going to get some cupcakes. Rory had received a certified letter from a company that he had applied for a job back in 2007. While we were out he called me and asked me if I would type a letter that he was still interested and I said sure, thinking that he would write the letter. Wrong! It was easy to type the letter and I did it. He also got a text regarding work and Marissa had read it wrong, so I had to hurry home and read it. Luckily, I was sort of on my way home. He is getting more and more where I feel like his mother or maid and he wants everything done for him. This is getting really old. He wants to do nothing for himself or feels very insecure about doing anything for himself. Mari made dinner, which was good and then we spent the evening watching TV. Tired tonight, so I am going to do my reading and go to bed. Good night Trudi

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