Friday, July 20, 2012

Home from a trip-Day 30

Mari and I drove back from Paso Robles yesterday. We stopped by Morro Bay and Morro Rock, where it was nice and cool. We stopped near The Madonna Inn for lunch, which we took on the road with us. We drove down Highway 1. I always thought that Highway 1 went right along the coast. I was wrong-Highway 1 really gives you an idea of the differences in California. It shows you small town, our agricultural, the beauty of California and of course the ocean. When we got to the end of Highway 1, we took Highway 101, the rest of the way. We started hitting traffic and then merged on to the 405 freeway. What usually takes a little over an hour, when there is little traffic took us 3 hours. I have never seen traffic so bad, that early. Luckily Marissa made dinner for us, as I asked her to please make dinner, as I knew Mari and I would be in no shape to make dinner. Driving in traffic is exhausting. When we got home, dinner was made and Rory was watching an old movie downstairs. YUK! Luckily, he went back upstairs and ate dinner. I just wanted some quiet. Got a great sleep. Got up this morning and started to get some things back to normal. My weight was down and Mari and I had decided to not walk. Interesting, how my weight goes down when we go on vacation. I probably eat more and I am just as active as when I am at home. Mainly doing house stuff today. Went to the store and I am going to start trying to buy ahead, instead of going to the store everyday. The girls and I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer. Rory had to go to work today. I am learning that stress is affecting my weight. It is nice and peaceful today at home. I have been good with my food so far today. Day 29 and 30-I did it on the 30 day challenge.
About 5:30, we made dinner. We watched Ghost Adventures and then I started to watch The Dead Files, which I find interesting. I received a phone call from Valerie, who is my long time friend, telling me that the cancer had come back. She had breast cancer and then found out that the chemo had caused her heart issues and now the cancer has come back, in a different place. She is not ready to give up and the doctor is telling her that she has options. I am concerned about my friend, but I am not feeling anything, which is bothering me. Finished watching The Dead Files and then did some stuff on the computer. It was nice tonight, as I have talked to several people. Time to head for bed. Good night, Trudi

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