Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth! Day 14

Happy Fourth to all of my family and friends! This morning, we are mainly spending at home. Rory invited a friend of his and his daughter and granddaughter over for the 4th, so they could go swimming, take some of our old furniture, have dinner and watch fireworks. Mari made cupcakes and brownies. I got watermelon and potato salad and Rory is ordering pizza and chicken. Our house is small and I really do not enjoy having other people over. I am going along with this and I told Rory, since he invited them over, he needs to handle the party. All he is doing is handling the pizza and chicken. He has no idea what else to do. The girls and I are going to a friend of mine's and then we are going to the street fair in Mission Viejo. That is what I wanted to do. The girls and I will come back home for dinner and to watch fireworks from our patio. This friend is also taking our couch and recliner, as we are getting new furniture tomorrow. I don't want to come off sounding like the bad guy, as they are taking the furniture, so it is only right to have them for dinner and let them use the pool, we just do not have enough seating for four more people. I also know that the girls and I will have to handle something that Rory wanted. OK, enough complaining. Day 13 pictures:
I am so glad that the girls and I went to my friend's. We never made it to the street fair, but that was fine. We had a good time and I saw Marissa actually relax, which was nice. At 5:30, they were headed for the street fair and hang out to watch fireworks and we came home. Why did we have to come home? They are in the living room watching TV with Rory, Marissa is in her room, Mari is in hers and I am in our room. There is no place for the three of us to sit and I really don't want to watch what Rory is watching. I wish I could feel relaxed when I am around Rory. I think Rory's friends granddaughter is glad that my girls came home. Rory's friend's daughter and boyfriend went out to the jacuzzi and Steve and Rory are downstairs talking. I am actually watching what I want, but I would rather be down in the living room, working on my computer and watching TV, but oh well.

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