Sunday, July 15, 2012

Something for me-Day 25

Yesterday Mari and I went up to LA to The Getty Center as there was an exhibit that she wanted to see. Marissa is not thrilled with art, so she did not want to go and I could not tell Rory where we were going, as he would have wanted to come along and I did not want that. Rory used to work at The Getty Center and knows some of the guards. He always wants to introduce us to them and he always wants to do things as a family, but it ends up being totally his way. I did tell him last night and he was upset, but he got over it. He said he was going to take one of the girls and go and I told him, if they want to go. It was nice to just go and see one exhibit. I could totally take the time to read about the art work and not feel like I was rushing through something. There was another exhibit there, but we decided not to go. In all, it was a very enjoyable day. Today, is being a stay at home day. On the way home yesterday, we were talking and I was doing some thinking, while Mari was reading, that I really would like to combine my writing, photography, travel and interest in people together. I am going to take some writing workshops. I love hearing people's stories and where they came from. The two articles that Mari was reading that I found interesting was about a woman who ended up marrying someone from England and all of the stuff they had to go through to get married. The other article was about a shoemaker/designer, whose family originally came from Cuba. He went back to Cuba to find his roots. I know I am going to learn to ask questions and listen more. My self confidence issues are raising their ugly head again. I am afraid to take these writing workshops. I already know I like to travel, I enjoy my photography and I love to talk to people. I am not sure about my writing, but we will see. I have two years to work on this and see where it goes, before Mari graduates. Input would be greatly appreciated. My other issue is my weight. When we came home from vacation, my weight was down and now that we have been home a month, my weight is back up. I know it is the stress I deal with at home. I have been eating the same both places and probably being just as active. Probably the one issue is the portion size, which has been bigger at home. I have always had an issue with my weight and food. Food to me is love, as my dad was an awesome cook. Pictures from the last two days:
This afternoon I mainly did my own stuff. Got to run errands by myself. Ordered pizza from BJ's for dinner. I needed a change from Round Table. Rory did not like it, but oh well! The girls and I liked it. A nice peaceful day at home. Signed up for several meet up groups and I want to join Orange County Historical Society. Getting really tired. Good night, Trudi

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