Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13, 2012-Day 23

I am loving the sandals as my knee does not hurt as much. Quiet morning, which is nice. Last night we had lightning, but I did not hear the thunder. Came down about 2 a.m. to check on Sweet Pea and she seemed to be doing fine. Found out this morning that Mari had checked on her as well, a little before I did. Mari and I decided not to walk, as we didn't know if we were going to get any more rain. Marissa went to a movie with a friend. Rory went out for awhile. He went to the shoe place, I had gone to and the man could not help him, as he is too unstable in his walk. He did get his sandals at another store for a lot less money. God is in control. Mari and I are going wine tasting this afternoon with Chris. Picture from Day 22:
The wine tasting was ok, but it is someplace I would not go back to. I so much more enjoyed the winery on Saturday that we went to. It was interesting, because when we left to go run some errands before we met Chris, I felt depressed and I really did not know why. Ran my errands, dropped the groceries off at home and then went to meet Chris. It was so hot and humid. Went to the winery, took some pictures leading to the winery. The man directed us as to where to park and then we followed him back to where the wine tasting room was. It was behind a nice large house. The building where the tasting room was, was probably a studio apartment at one time. He directed us to sit out on the patio, so we found a shady place to sit. The white wine was good, but I did not enjoy the reds and he kept telling us they were award winning wines. We tried a port wine, which was good. I bought a white wine and the port. After we left there, we drove out to where the other winery was and showed Chris it and then we decided to go to dinner at a new place near us. It was really good. Came home, watched TV and then Rory came down and wanted to unload. It was talk about the same old thing. He needs to move on and not dwell on things. I came to bed early, which is nice. I am really trying to not get drawn into his complaining or his arguments. Time to wind down. Good night, Trudi

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