Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Errand Day-Day 20

This morning I did get out to do my walk. Going to be a warm day. Mainly a stay at home day, with the exception of a bunch of errands. Did not have the greatest of nights. Rory was complaining about the hamburger he had, that it was not cooked fully. Yesterday Rory had to go to the VA for an appointment regarding his knee. It was warm at the office and Rory does not drink much water. He had a chicken burrito for lunch with a whole bunch of salsa, plus a soda, which is dehydrating, plus he drinks about 3 cups of coffee every day, which is dehydrating. He had a beer and soda with dinner, more dehydrating. He was feeling nauseous and was having stomach cramps, which are more signs of dehydration. He was like this all night, so it did not make for a really good night. He does not like to drink regular water and only wants Perrier. I have made fruit water and he calls it "poison". Major frustration for me! Day 19 picture-Mystery woman on Angeleno Heights:
Mari and I ran errands this afternoon. It was hot, the temperature was about 90 degrees. By the time we got back, both Mari and I were tired. Mari got some new walking shoes. Mari took a nap and I got some alone time in the living room, which was nice. Got some things accomplished, which I like. Had dinner and watched TV. Did some editing of pictures, which I enjoy. Rory came down for a little bit and watched TV with us. Sometimes the conversation we have with him, makes no sense. He so much lives in the past. Making some tea and going to do some reading. Quiet day today. Good Night Trudi!

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