Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday field trip

Mari and I started the day by going out to Rancho Santa Margarita Lake to walk. Going around one lap is 1.1 miles. Lots of people out exercising, including high school young men running. Came home and made breakfast. Mari and I had picked up oatmeal from Starbucks. I lost 1.5 pounds yesterday. I know the first part of this, with the weight is going to be relatively easy. I want this weight to come off, but I have a tendency to do myself in. I was good this morning, with the oatmeal and the bacon and snack. Lunch I was good with and then came snack while we were out. I kept trying to go someplace other than what I said I was going to do. We did go to Jamba juice and I got a smoothie that had 170 calories. There was a frozen yogurt place next door called "Penguin's" that I had not seen in a long time. I kept trying to convince Mari to go there, but she said "NO". She was hungry for a smoothie and that is where we went. Marissa was getting frustrated this morning with things and her mood was driving me nuts. She was going out with a friend tonight, so I was happy about that. Mari and I were going up to San Gabriel Mission Playhouse to take pictures with a meet up group, I belong to. We were supposed to be there at 2 and we left about 1. I needed to go to the bank and to the gas station. I really did not want to go today, but I had made the commitment to go, so we went. I really enjoyed yesterday with just the three of us and I wanted that for today, but Rory was home, so that was not going to happen. We finally got to the playhouse about 3, thanks to traffic. There were people taking pictures all over the place. My lack of self-confidence was kicking in and I did not feel like I was as good as these other people. They had big cameras and tripods and all the other stuff. The architecture of the building was awesome and I enjoyed seeing the inside. I did take some pictures, but I felt like I kept getting in the way of everybody. I have been putting my cell phone on silent, when I get in the car, so I don't have to talk to people. People can leave messages and I will call them back. Rory did call because Marissa was leaving earlier and there would be nobody home, in case he got a text. I called him and told him we were on our way home, but we had a couple of stops to make. He told us to take our time. Finally got home, made dinner and watched some TV. Editing pictures tonight. I am tired. We were going to go out to Temecula to go wine tasting, but that got cancelled and I am glad. I really like to do something one day and be home the next day. So tomorrow is a home day and at this point, I am glad. Feeling very bored and very restless. I don't want to work at my weight, but I do. I want to explore, but I want to stay home and write. I need to deal with some issues and stop running away. Picture of the lake where we walked:

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