Sunday, July 8, 2012

House day-Day 18

Today is mainly a stay at home day. Sunday is my day to get Rory's and my laundry separated and started. The girls are supposed to do their own, but I usually end up doing theirs, so for right now, I have Mount Laundry.
It actually feels good to stay home and get some house stuff done. I am tired of Rory wanting everything done for him. This morning, while I was taking my nap, he told the girls that I needed to get some gas station sandwiches for him. He was going out and I thought why can't he get them. I will get him some the next time I go to the gas station. Went out to do errands by myself, which was nice. I like being able to get something done. I like exploring as well, but it is nice to have some quiet time to organize, edit pics and write. This afternoon I found that Rory had bought things that really did not need to get bought. He cannot stick to a list when he goes into a store. Yes, we will use them, but he was really going shopping for toiletries. Day 17 picture:
For quite a while, I have been doing stretching exercises and after I got back from our trip, I starting walking laps around our condominium. I was always giving excuses for why I could not walk. It was too hot, I did not want to get up and get going early, etc... Finally I decided I had a flat surface around our complex and then someone suggested I go up to the park and walk, which I have started to do. Now I have talked Mari into going walking. I am now doing four laps in the morning and I am going to start doing four laps in the afternoon. My evening consisted of making dinner, watching TV and working more on my writing and editing pictures. There are some things that I learn that make me happy. When I cook, I sometimes get grease on whatever I am wearing. I decided to google this problem and found out that dish soap will get it out. I was so excited to find this out. I am going to try it out on two shirts I have. Hopefully it works! Good night, Trudi

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