Thursday, July 5, 2012

A new day-Day 15

A new day and we are having delivered a new couch and recliner. I need to move forward with my life and what I really want to do is travel, as I think you all know. I feel stifled with just staying home and being a caretaker. Mari has two years before she graduates from LCAD and I want to be here for her, so I need to make myself a plan over the next two years, so I can travel. At this point in time, I just want to travel the United States, maybe after that, I will have an interest in exploring other countries. I have a love for food and maybe I can learn how to cook more healthy. I need to be able to cook and not worry about what other people think about my cooking. I need to stop worrying about what other people think about what I do. I am being me! Is this what God wants me to do, is my only question and that involves prayer. In regards to yesterday, I was very clear to Rory and I think he got the message, that I don't enjoy entertaining and our house is too small for a whole bunch of people and he can't always control the TV and the air conditioner. I know a couple of people that did not enjoy the movie he had on yesterday and I know several people were cold. He doesn't think about what other people feel or think. Day 14 picture:
We got the new furniture this afternoon. I was happy to have a couch and recliner back in the house, instead of sitting in the kitchen or on the floor. I really liked our old recliner, but I guess I will get used to the new recliner. This recliner was mostly bought for Rory, so that he can get out of the chair easier. I feel like most things lately are being bought for Rory. I like the color of the chair and recliner. I love the kitchen and our master bath and the new phone I feel like I could walk out of this house and leave most things. I feel like I am not worthy of nice things. I will be happy to not have the old couch, as it was beginning to look very dirty and old.

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