Monday, July 23, 2012

Eating healthy and enjoying

Lately many people have been pushing me to do things for me. That is very difficult for me to do, mainly because of self-esteem issues that I have been dealing with for a long time. I have been doing stretching exercises for quite some time and after we got back from the trip, I decided to go walking in the morning around our complex and not use the excuse that Mari would not get up in time or a friend wanted to go later. That was my first step and then Mari joined me. A neighbor told me about a park, which I already knew about that was not that far away and we started walking there. I knew we could walk RSM lake, but I used the excuse it was too far away and it would take too long, as it is 20 minutes away from our house. Excuses, excuses! We did go out on Saturday and it was not that bad. Rory says he wants his breakfast around 7 and my going walking makes his breakfast late. I have gotten to the point of "too bad". If he wants it earlier, then he can make it. That was the first step to a healthier me. Then I decided that after we got back from Paso Robles, I was going to work on losing weight. I had noticed that after we got back from Washington D.C., my weight was down and I was eating similar to what we did at home and was just as active as we are at home. The same thing happened after we went to Paso Robles. I am using a similar menu, but working on the snacks I have in the morning and afternoon, plus watching the proportion size at dinner. I am really not cutting out some sweets I enjoy, but I may get to the point of trying healthier desserts. I have to thank a group of people who I have come to know on FB, known as Just Get Moving. We have been making or buying smoothies in the afternoon, which I like, as they are like milk shakes, which I love, especially when it is hot. We are using fresh fruits and vegetables and I am enjoying them. I have even bought sandals that are good for my feet. I am really enjoying this. One day at a time and one step at a time! I am working in the afternoon on pictures and writing. I will go take pictures, when I need to, to go along with what I am writing. This is one way, I do not feel like I am running away. This afternoon, my errands included going to the car wash, the bank, Bev Mo, to get a cutter to open up a wine bottle, Mission Ranch Market to get fruit and vegetables and then to the cleaners. The girls went with me. Tonight we had a gumbo with chicken and sausange and rice and veges. Everyone liked it and I am starting to see my limit on eating. The girls of us got one cup of the soup. I have spent the rest of the night doing some typing on another blog I have going on the California missions. More pictures of the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse. I did enter a contest with these three pictures.
Good night, Trudi

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