Thursday, July 12, 2012

Communication-Day 22

Maybe I should say communication or lack there of! Yesterday, I got some new sandals that have really helped my knew and my walking around. I was so excited, and as I said, it is surprising the little things that make me happy. Finding out that dish soap gets grease spots off of my tops and then the sandals, which is helping my knee. I wanted to share this with Rory, but then he turns around and decides he wants to get some sandals for the pool from the same store. The two pairs of sandals were not cheap and it was killing me to have him spend that much money on sandals that he was only going to use to go to the pool. I realize he wears a large shoe and it is hard to find shoes that fit him, but really expensive sandals to wear to the pool. Last night, as I was headed for bed I asked him why he had to get these sandals, just because I got some. He currently has sandals that he can wear, but he cannot fasten them because of his weight. He wants something that he can just slip into and I told him, he really needed flip flops. Oh no, he needs sandals. Then he asks me why was I asking him this, as I was coming to bed. Minor detail, it is ok, when he starts talking to me, as I am coming to bed. In the future, I will not be sharing things I am excited about with him. This is sad, that I cannot share something like that with my husband. He also could not understand why I spent so much money. He can go on trips and travel first class, but I can't do expensive, when it affects health. He also wants to get two T-shirts for the pool from a magazine and he wants to get another beach towel, to use for the shower. I told hime he could get a bath sheet at Target and he was totally against that. He does not really go to our pool that often, as he does not like all the people and he complains about what people do to the jacuzzi. The girls and I are going wine tasting tomorrow at another winery in this area and then Mari and I are going to the Getty on Saturday. I am not telling him, as he used to work there and he would want to go. Today was mainly a day at home and I actually had some energy to get things done, which was nice. I ran errands this afternoon on my own and found a change purse that I had lost, with the money inside of it. I was surprised! While I was out, Rory called and said that he was in pain from having his toe nails cut and why couldn't one of the girls stay home to take care of him. Minor detail, both girls were home, but Mari was taking a nap and Marissa did not feel like dealing with him. When I got home, I gave him two Motrin, which he could have done on his own and walked out the door. He wanted to know if I was angry, how about frustrated. I am so tired of his complaining. I need to make a plan and move on. It is just frustrating to continue to live with him and I know I have to do this for the next two years until Mari graduates. Day 21 picture:
This afternoon was a much more positive time. I did some organizing of the trust box. I can only do this and watch TV. I watch a program I have DVR'd for 30 minutes and put stuff from the box into a folder. So interesting. Did some editing of pics. Got dinner together. Rory came downstairs to have dinner and watch the news. After Mari decided to sit in the living room, I decided to as well. I had to stop myself from making comments. He finally went back upstairs. Mari and I hung out in the living room and I am ending the day by doing some writing on Mission San Gabriel. It has been off and on raining this afternoon and tonight. Good night and see you in the morning. Trudi

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