Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On the road again

Mari and I left for Paso Robles on July 17, 2012. Originally Marissa, Mari and I were going to do this trip, but then Marissa decided she didn't want to go, so she is staying home with Rory. Chris, a friend of mine, heard what we were doing and was going to come with us, and then she decided not to go. I didn't really need a nap yesterday morning, so we hit the road about 10:15. We stopped at Whole Foods in the San Fernando Valley for lunch. It is surprising what we eat when we are traveling. Then we headed for La Purisima Mission. This mission is in an area that I had never been before. The country up here is beautiful. It is green and golden. Love to drive near the ocean. After the mission, we headed for Paso Robles. Mari and I travel very well together and like a lot of the same things. Last night, we went to a restaurant called "Artisan", that had really good food. I am really enjoying, learning about wine and knowing what wine I want. Since we were in Paso Robles, which is wine country, I wanted a local wine. Today, we are headed for Mission San Luis Obispo, to meet a woman, who is on one of my photo groups. I am not sure what the rest of the day will bring, but we will see. One thing, I do not do when we travel, is to eat at the hotel, except for the Residence Inn. We are staying at a Courtyard and I want to try places, where local people go. Picture from yesterday:
Mission San Luis Obispo was a small mission. We took some pictures and then we walked around the historic part of San Luis Obispo and saw the gum wall. We had lunch and then we headed back for Paso Robles. We decided to stop at some of the historic signs along the way. We found a cottage, but it was not open. In Atascadero, we found the administration building, with its beautiful top, but they were doing construction. I wanted to see the railroad station in Paso Robles, which we did and as we were driving back to the hotel, we saw a doe and her two babies. They ran across a residential street and then started up a major traffic street. They did run across the major traffic street and went into a residential area. I took a picture of the doe and her babies in someone's yard. Came back to the hotel and took a nap and then we went to get a snack. I love the old part of Paso Robles. We found a place to have dinner and we asked the woman where we got the snack and she recommended two places. There is a possibility of some rain, so we decided on the more indoor place. Came back to the hotel and just hung out and then went to dinner. We have had some great food since we have been gone. I have been feeling up and down since we have been gone. I really do not feel like I have been away from the house. There were some things that I needed to keep in touch with Rory, but I have also been keeping in touch with Marissa. I am so tired of the negativity and how Rory always blows up at everything. Mari and I are hanging out at the hotel tonight.
Good night, Trudi

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