Monday, August 27, 2012

A new semester starts-Trip #10-Taking the train across Canada

Good Morning! Up around 6 and did my morning routine. Sweet Pea is acting more like her normal self, which I am glad. I have to remember she is a 13 year old cat and she deal with arthritis in her back legs. It was a nice day out yesterday with Mari, as we went to the Getty Villa and then took a drive up to Mulholland Highway and drove part of the way home that way. I love to drive back roads and it was an interesting and beautiful! Mari and I did our morning walk and then came home and had breakfast. Did my emails and house stuff. Took a nap. Rory has been a Vegas this past weekend and he was supposed to come home tomorrow. He just called to say he is not coming home till tomorrow, as he needs a couple of days to relax, after having been busy for three days, with no time to relax. He was in the jacuzzi and he almost fell asleep and got dizzy. An EMT who works at the spa, checked him out and his electrolytes were low. Now I need to get lunch, so I can get Mari to school on time. Mari starts fall semester today. I have always wanted to go across Canada, because of the mountains and the beautiful country I have seen in pictures. I have been to Vancouver, Victoria, Quebec and Montreal, but have not been in between. My trip #10 would be taking the train across Canada, especially through the mountains. Got Mari to school on time. Today she has Maya and Art History and will be at school from 2-10. Marissa and I stopped at Trader Joe's on the way back and got stuff for dinner for the two of us. We got Marissa a bike on Saturday, so we needed to get her a helmet, which is what we did. The three girls of us have always had problems with hats fitting our heads and we had a problem with getting a helmet for her. We had to get her a Universal Extra Large. Came home and made snack and Marissa wants to go out and try her bike. She did try her bike and with more practice, I know she will be riding. Both Marissa and I had some quiet time. Mari's class went until 5:50, so I didn't have to go back to LCAD. I made dinner and it was nice just making dinner for the two of us. Watched a little bit of TV and now we are both doing our own thing. I have to leave at 9, unless I hear from Mari before that, then I will come back and go to bed. Good night, Trudi

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