Saturday, August 4, 2012

Off and running

Mari and I have a field trip today to Los Angeles to look at street art. Something new I have found that I like. This morning, my topic of conversation with Rory was his favorite, "money". He was complaining because the money we received from his working went into our joint account and he got less unemployment money for him to play. The end of this month, he will start getting Social Security of about $1500 and he is going to put $500 into the joint account and keep $1000 for play. This is not fair, but there is no changing how he is going to do things. I know we have our investments and that is how we live, but he does not get the idea that the less we pull from our investments, the longer they will last. I will probably be going back to work towards the end of Mari's school, so that I can have some of my own money. I have to be thankful for our investment money; but again, why do I have to be the responsible one. ARGH! Also, found out he is going to Vegas the end of August for 4 nights, which I am glad about, because it gives me a vacation. Wall Art:
Mari and I left about 11:30 to head up for Los Angeles. We stopped at "Jersey Mike's" to get sandwiches. On the way up to Los Angeles, we were talking about an article I had gotten from Will Marre on the American Dream Project, regarding how our society were like teenagers and how we need to grow up. Most people want everything now and that is so true. We were talking about whether it is just people here in the United States or is it the whole world. I love it when I can have these kind of conversations with Mari. Got to the Pacific Design Center or as they used to call it "The Blue Whale". The parking lot we parked at had wall art on the side of the building. It was also fun driving up some of the streets and looking at all of the stores, it also brought back alot of fond memories from when I used to spend time in this area. Walked around the PDC, took some pictures and then headed back to the car and drove down Melrose and took pictures of wall art. It was a fun afternoon and then we headed for home. Stopped at Trader Joe's and picked up some things we needed. Got home and made dinner. One thing I decided on the way home was that Rory was going to handle money the way he does and I can't change that. I will handle money the way I do. I am going to try not to argue about how he handles money. I know this is going to be hard, but I need to do it that way. For dinner, we had pork chops with green beans and proscuttio and potatoes. I knew he wouldn't like the potatoes, as for some reason, he has taken to not liking them. The green beans were not made to his liking, but he did eat the pork, that he thought was chicken. The girls and I are really trying to eat healthy and lose weight. He really doesn't care about his health. I will cook the way I cook and if he wants a TV dinner, I will make it; but I will not make two separate meals, except for Friday night, when he has steak. Having a nice quiet peaceful evening, watching TV and hanging out with my daughters. I am so blessed to have the things we have. I saw a woman at Trader Joe's, who had lost her job and had a small child and was pregnant with another one. She was aksing for food and money. Good night, Trudi

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