Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hurting and frustrated/Trip #6-off to the historical East Coast

Good Morning! I did my morning routine and this is the morning we walk the lake, which means getting Mari up at 7:30. I did my stretching exercises. I have had issues with my knee hurting for quite a period of time and there are days, I just get tired of it. I have also been having issues with my elbow hurting and now I am having issues with my shoulder blade. After we took our walk, my shoulder blade did not hurt, but then it came back. Finally took some Motrin and for now, the pain has gone away. I am doing some exercises at the park to work my upper body and that may be causing some of the pain in my shoulder. Trying to be good and this is what I get. While we were walking the lake, Rory called me and said he had gotten some bad news and I told him I would call him back later, as I really did not want to talk to him right then. We stopped at Starbucks and got oatmeal and Mari went over to the store and got some milk for Rory, as our refrigerator is not working well and his milk had gone bad. When I did call him back, found out that he was having a problem with Social Security and, of course he had to take care of it now! He wanted me to stop my walk and go by McD's and get him breakfast and bring it home right then. By the time I got home, the problem had almost been taken care of. I told him to eat breakfast and then go out and take care of the problem. Which is what he did and the problem got solved. I got my emails taken care of and house stuff done. Since I don't have laundry to do, I am going to take a load of things to the Goodwill, which have been piling up. Trash emptied, plants watered, nap taken and now to take care of financial stuff. Then I am going out and take pictures for my other blog-gypsymomvirtualconcierge. I need to call a friend tonight and check on her to see how she is doing. She has been through breast cancer, heart problem and now the cancer is back and she has done radiation and now back to chemotherapy. She lives by herself and I worry about her. Trip #6-Trip to the Historical East Coast. I love history and seeing history. When we went to Washington D.C., I loved it. This trip would be going from Boston, Massachusetts to Washington, D.C. Cactus flower from our walk this morning:
Mari and I had a great afternoon out. First, we went to the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. Originally I was taking some pictures and then Mari found out that there would be a Bird of Prey exhibit. We went to the visitor center and found out when the exhibit is and then we took a short walk. I have a fear of being out on trails in nature. A couple of years we came across a rattlesnake on a truck trail near here. With all the walking we are doing, I want to be able to go out and walk in nature and not be afraid. With my knee, I know, I cannot go up and down hills, but I find nature peaceful and I want to be able to enjoy being in nature. After we left there, we went by Mari's school and took a picture of the wall art at LCAD. Then we went to get a smoothie and then took the long way home. Dropped stuff off at Goodwill. I don't really want to buy much, with the refrigerator and freezer being the way it is. Got home and made dinner and watched TV. I called Val and our conversation upset me. I am trying to not be selfish. Val would like me to help out periodically. Emotionally, I am exhausted, from what I deal with at home. Can I help her? Through this whole process, I have been able to not have to deal with her illness up close and now she is asking me to come out and help. Towards the end of our conversation Rory came down and wanted to talk and I really didn't want to talk to him. I really wanted to be left alone, to do what I wanted. I do and don't want to keep people at a distance. I am tired of dealing with my emotions or maybe I don't want to deal with my emotion. What do I also really have time for and how much energy to deal with. It's been an emotional night. Watching "Haunted Collector" with Mari and then I am going to bed. Good night, Trudi

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