Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A day of accomplishment

I have been starting to get up at 6 a.m., so that I can have time to myself and be able to listen to a message from Chip Ingram on Living on the Edge. I am also able to get Rory his breakfast before 9 a.m. I know it is early, but it is helping my day start on the right foot. Mari and I did our walk and then came home and had breakfast and I did house stuff. Took a nap and after lunch, Mari and I did errands. A friend of mine wanted to get together around 4, originally it was 3. The blog I am doing on Orange County History, I wanted to take pictures of one of the local historic parks, which I did. I still had time before I was supposed to meet my friend, so I went to a couple of stores to get things, I had been putting off. It felt really good to get things done. Met my friend for a smoothie and it was nice to catch up. Came home and had dinner. Doing computer stuff tonight. I feel at peace tonight, which is nice.

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