Monday, August 13, 2012

New week, busy week

Good Morning! Got up at 6 this morning and did my morning routine. I came to realize that my bedroom is not a peaceful place for me and I am not sure how to make it a peaceful place for me. We have so much stuff in there and that to me is chaos. Rory asked me last night, now that we are getting the last chunk of money, what was I going to do. I had to do some thinking about it and some research. I still need to do some research, but I did some last night. I know I cannot go back to school this semester, as the beginning class for hotel/hospitality management is full. I would like to be a concierge. I looked at some reviews for different hotels and most of what I read, is that the job takes over your life and does not pay enough, which I know for most jobs is typical. At this point, I could not handle that, especially with my responsibility to my family. The other thing I want to do is blog about history and travel and add photos to these blogs. The other research I need to do is find out how I can make money doing this. I told him this and I told him in the afternoon, I need some quiet time. I know he will not really hear this and do what he wants. I am going to have to really stick to my boundaries. My time for doing housework is from 10-12 and I am going to have to start making certain areas in this house peaceful areas; which means cut down on the clutter; and I am going to try to get laundry done as quickly as possible, which may mean at the beginning of the week, I do a lot of laundry, so that later in the week, I don't have to do it and can do something else. Since it is 8 a.m., I had better get Mari up, so we can go walking. We did our walk and the man I have been talking to, while we do our walk, his name is Ralph and he is interested in wolves. Interesting the people you meet when you walk. Came home and had breakfast and did my emails and then got busy with house stuff. I got all my house stuff done. Took a nap and got up and finished vacuuming. Had lunch, watched TV and then ran errands. Rory got a letter back about a possible job opportunity. Please pray that he will get this. Took some pictures while I was out. Came home and helped Rory with some things that he needed done. Going through emails, I found a meet up group that is called "History Geeks". I love history! They were having a meet up on Wednesday at Union Station and taking a tour of downtown. Mari and I are going to that and taking the train to Union Station. Much easier than driving! Looking forward to this outing. Marissa does not want to go and Rory has to work. Finally got around to editing pictures and now it is almost time for dinner. Pictures from this afternoon:
We have been having heat clouds lately and I have been having fun taking pictures of them and seeing what I see in the clouds. Today, I saw a seahorse and yesterday, I saw a genie.
Tonight for dinner the girls and I had turkey burgers. I need to remember to have fruits and vegetables with each meal. I did not have fruit with this meal. I made turkey filets for Rory and one burger and he got sick on it. I cooked it just the way he wants and he said it was too dry. When we have turkey and fish, I am making him Hungry Man Dinners. I know he is stressed. The girls and I watched Extreme Makeover-Weight Loss Edition. This program keeps me inspired to keep me moving forward. This woman came up with excuses for everything and I do the same thing. I know I can lose the weight and so can Mari and we are going to do it. I want to edit some more pictures tonight, so I will say good night. Trudi

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