Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cat and vege

Good Morning! Got up a little later this morning, than I usually do, but yesterday was busy and exhausting. Did my morning routine. Did not have to make breakfast for Rory, which helped out. Mari and I did 6 laps around the park this morning and one piece of the equipment. I have been increasing the amount I am doing with my stretching exercises and the one piece of equipment. Came home and Mari made pancakes for breakfast. YUM! She got the recipe from a blog that we both read called Peanut Butter and Peppers. Going to finish breakfast and then do house stuff. Got a nap before lunch as Rory was out this morning. Had lunch and then took Sweet Pea to the vet to find out her glucose level. She hates going to the vet and she is definitely not Sweet Pea at the vet, except with the doctor. She can be a flirt with men. Came home and finally got to finish my lunch. I think yesterday wore Mari and I out, as Mari took about a two hour nap and I took a second 15 minute nap before I had snack. I knew I had to run some errands and neither girl wanted to go with me. I needed to go to Trader Joe's to get some veges, then to the Farmers Market to pick up my vege box from Tanaka Farms, plus some fruit. Then to Target to get Mari's prescription, some Drano and mouthwash. Real exciting! Vege box
I have been trying to finish editing pictures I have so I can really work on my writing. A friend of mine called just before dinner, just to catch up. I made dinner of a sort of tuna wrap with all sorts of veges and tuna. It was good. I am enjoying all these new blogs that I read, that I can get healthy meal ideas from. I gave Rory a TV dinner, so I wouldn't hear complaining. Rory saw the therapist today and he is already trying to figure out how long he is going to stay. I knew this would not last long. Watched TV while we ate dinner and worked on my pictures. Rory came down about 8 and said he was going to stay downstairs, so that if I wanted, I could go upstairs. It's nice to get to come upstairs early, sort of! Headed for bed, so good night! Trudi

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