Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Patience and calmness

Good Morning! Patience and calmness is what I need today. Rory comes home from Vegas today. When the girls and I are home by ourselves, it is calm. When Rory is home, we all sort of live on pins and needles. We never know when he is going to come out of our room and ask for something or just non-stop talk. I have decided I will make meals, as I really don't want him to come downstairs and interrupt my calmness. I get tired of talking about money and what he is going to do everyday, as it always changes. Sometimes he is interested in what I am doing, but he really does not listen and if he does listen, it is not for long.
I was up at around 6 and did my morning routine in peace. Took care of Sweet Pea and doing what I do before I get Mari up. She does not have school today. The house is getting cleaned today and the girls and I are going to go get new pants today. Got Mari up around 8 and we went for a walk. Did 7 laps around the park and one piece of equipment. Came home and had breakfast. Did my emails and house stuff. Took a nap. Had lunch. Rory called this morning and said he was feeling much better. He was dehydrated and exhausted. The cleaning people are here, so I will get my house cleaned. Mari and I went out to "Old Navy" to get jeans. I have always been a little hesitant to buy jeans, but I actually comfortably fit into a size 20. I am pleased. I am going to continue to work at my exercise and healthy eating. Mari is making a smoothie for both of us. Rory got home about 4:30. I need to say this as this has been typical of our entire marriage. He told me, when he got home that he stopped by the bank to put some money in the bank and he was complaining because his social security check would not clear until September 4. I was wondering why he was complaining because he got a sizable check the last time we got money from the trust. Then I found out. He has very little in the bank and I asked him what he had done with the rest and he said he had paid bills. I just wonder how much he has been charging or taking cash advances. He hides his credit cards from me and says, he wants somethings of his own. This just frustrates me to no end. Anyway, moving on, I have finished my blog about Getty Villa and put it in Mari is now making dinner. I am so thankful that Mari likes to cook. Dinner was great and the girls and I watched TV, while we had dinner. I love the "Property Brothers" and now they have a new show called "Buy and Sell". Great show. Having quiet time and at 9, Mari and I are going to watch "Haunted Collector". Then I will go to bed.

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