Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting healthy

Good Morning! Woke up at 6 as Mari and I are walking Rancho Santa Margarita Lake this morning. We go around twice, which is 2.2 miles, then we go to Starbuck's and get oatmeal. I think this morning, I am going to make a Breakfast Parfait that is in a blog, I have been following called Peanut Butter and Peppers. Love her recipes! I have taken care of Sweet Pea this morning, done my stretching exercises and my Bible reading. Nothing special planned for today. Yesterday, when we went to the Foothill Ranch Farmer's Market, I found Tanaka Farms, who does a box of produce for $20/week for a small box. I am going to start getting this on a weekly basis. My meals are going to start including veges and fruit. I really have to thank my friend Cricket Walker from FB for starting me on this new road. It is where I always should have been, but I really needed the support. Overall I am lazy when it comes to eating healthy, I would rather have yummy food that is not healthy. Also I did not have really good support within my own house. Better go wake up Mari and get us going, before it gets too warm. We walked two times around RSM lake, drip, drip. Came home, after stopping at Starbuck's. Drove through Live Oak Canyon, which is nice and relaxing. Made breakfast and now I am looking at emails and about to start house stuff. Oh such fun! Got a nap and now I am finishing house stuff. My poor plants out in this heat! Gave them a nice drink of water. Now to check our bank account, do some filing and get employers off of the internet for Rory. To me, this is so ridiculous, as he does not really plan to go to work for anybody else. He is just playing the unemployment game. I do not like lies and that is what I feel like he is doing, just so he can get some play money. He does not put his unemployment money in our joint account. Had a healthy lunch of a half sandwich and a half grapefruit that we got from the box from Tanaka Farm. Mari and I ran errands. I will be so glad when the temperature goes down to the 80's, as I am tired of the mid to upper 90's. Came home and having a time I enjoy and that is some quiet time. My two favorite times of the day are first thing in the morning and this time of the afternoon. I also enjoy time with my daughters and my friends. Beautiful nature:
I try to start dinner about 5:30. Friday night is steak night for Rory and he always wants steak and salad. Tonight he also got rice. I am trying to watch our portion sizes, so the rice we had serves two people per package. He didn't complain. He also found out that our attorney has the last of the money from the law suit and will wire it to us on Monday. That will hopefully close this part of our lives. Where he goes from here, who knows. Had dinner and Mari and I watched a couple of programs that I had DVR'd. Then we watched "Dead Files", which the girls like and I am interested in. Now I have another hour before I do my wind down routine. At 10, I will go to bed. Good night, Trudi

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