Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wine Tasting and horses

Good morning! Up at 6, did my morning routine. Trying to help Rory out by getting up early, so he can get to Torrance and back by noon time for his therapist appointment. My feeling this morning is it is just another day. The girls and I are going with Chris to a winery in the canyon that has horse stables as well. We will hopefully go out to dinner as well. Mari and I did our walk and then came home and made breakfast, did house stuff and got a nap. Had lunch and watched TV. Instead of running errands, I decided to stay home and work on pictures and stuff. Rory called after his session with the therapist. The therapist wants to see me; which I expected. I made an appointment with the therapist for next Tuesday. This will be interesting. Just enjoying have a peaceful afternoon at home.
Left at 3:25 to pick up Chris and head for the winery. OOPS! I goofed, the winery is only open Friday to Sunday. Plan B-we ended up going to our local Farmer's Market, which was fun, but hot.
After we left the Farmer's Market, we went to dinner, which was nice and air conditioned. Enjoyable late afternoon. Came home and just enjoying the quiet. Rory in our room watching TV, Marissa in her room and Mari in her room. Editing pictures. Not much more to the evening, except reading at 9 and going to bed at 10. Good night, Trudi

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