Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tattoos and computers

Good Morning! Got up at about 6:20 and did my morning routine in quiet. Came downstairs and took care of Sweet Pea, did my stretching exercises and I am about to make breakfast for Rory. Today is mainly a stay at home day, but my errands are going to be going to Target, Trader Joe's, take Mari's computer to get a check up before she starts school and then to a Tattoo shop to get Mari's ears pierced. No we are not getting tattoos. I have made up a routine that between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., I do morning routine and between 8a.m. and 10 a.m., I do walking, breakfast and emails, then from 10 to 12, I do house stuff. From 12-1 is lunch and then from 1-3 is errands and any picture taking I want to do. From 3-6 is editing pics and writing. Dinner at 6 and then however I want to spend the rest of the evening. My day went fine until lunch time. Earlier in the day, we had heard Rory yelling at whoever he was talking to on the phone. He is getting frustrated because the camera in his car is not getting fixed. He also heard or called Social Security and found out that he was probably being turned down for disability and he was not getting straight answers as to when his SS check is coming. He has been getting more and more frustrated over the last few days. He came down to put something in the car and saw that there was nothing of his in the freezer. A couple of days ago, he was complaining that there was not enough meat in the lunches, so I told Marissa she could have it, as he has not been eating the lunches in the freezer anyway and it was shrimp. He went out to Wienerscnitzel. He came back and started yelling at me and I was yelling at him, which was the only way to talk to him. Then Mari started crying and saying she could not take the yelling anymore. I am having to be responsible and not make emotional decisions. I hate this! Rory came back downstairs and wanted to talk and I told him I really wanted to leave. The girls and I finally got out of the house and went to Target and Trader Joe's and then went to Irvine Spectrum to the Mac store, to get Mari's Mac fixed. That took some time, then we went to get the girl's ears pierced. Things today took longer than I thought. We finally got home and I was very hungry. We made dinner and Rory came down and joined us for dinner, which I really didn't want. I like my late afternoons doing things I really enjoy doing. I am exhausted tonight. Mari and I had made a decision to go back to the park to use one piece of the equipment, which we did. It was fun to watch the dogs running around. Got back and Rory had gone up stairs and I am enjoying just me time. Rory has made a decision to go to a psychologist. We will see where this goes. I guess I don't have much confidence in this, as he had done this before and nothing changes. I feel like the therapist always expect me to change and I am sorry, but not this time. I do not want to do things with Rory, especially going to Vegas, or anyplace else. He wants to have communication with his family all of a sudden. It has been almost 40 years since he has talked to his family.

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