Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stop and smell the roses!-Trip #9-Florida

Good Morning! I did not get up until 7, as Rory is out of town and Mari and I decided to take a break today. I took a test last night and I am mild ADHD, not surprised. Did my morning routine upstairs. I have come to realize that my bedroom is not relaxing to me, as there is so much stuff in our room. I totally enjoyed the quiet this morning, even though I had The Weather Channel on and was watching the news about Tropical Storm Isaac. Came downstairs to do my routine with Sweet Pea. She is having problems with her back legs, which is not unusual, but this morning it is worse. Will keep an eye on her. Rory called at 8 and he finally got to Vegas, last night about 9:45 p.m. Did my reading and got my breakfast. Doing morning stuff! The girls and I are going out this afternoon running errands. I realized why I don't really like movies, plays and concerts. I have to sit still for a period of time. I feel like I always have to do something. I was feeling like I had to daily write in my virtualconcierge blog, but I don't. Right now, I am writing about John Spreckels, who had influence in San Diego. I will do my research, write what I want to say and take pictures and then put it up on the blog when I am ready. This is supposed to be fun! Today's trip is to Florida and not the theme parks. Would love to see St. Augustine and the Keys because of the history. Love to be along the ocean and take pictures. I don't know if I would want to go there right now with Tropical Storm Isaac or the Republican Convention. Got my nap, had lunch of a Lean Cuisine, some veges and a piece of fruit. Watching The Weather Channel about Isaac. I have a friend who just got off a cruise and is trying to fly home today, instead of tomorrow. Just going through some computer stuff and when Mari is ready, we are going to run errands and stuff! Got my errands done, including getting a bike for Marissa. This was something she asked for, for her birthday. Still need to get her a helmet. Will get dinner shortly. Mari made a great dinner and now we are just hanging out watching TV. Going to do my reading at 9 and turn off the light at 10. Have a good evening. Trudi

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