Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trying to hurry the week up and plantations in the south-Trip #5

Good Morning-It is not getting as light as early in the morning and I am having difficulty getting up at 6. I do not use an alarm. My body is my alarm. Got my morning routine done. Need to make Rory's breakfast before we go walking. Today is cereal day. I do cereal with greek yogurt and berries and today we get sausage with our breakfast. Not much planned for today, so we will see where the day goes, other than normal stuff. My trip for today is the plantations in the south. I would fly into New Orleans and do some exploring around New Orleans. I have been to New Orleans before, but it has been awhile. We would drive on Highway 61, which would take us near Oak Alley and Myrtles Plantation and Natchez. Part of my family has a plantation in Natchez. Not sure where else I would go, but I love big old homes and the architecture and the history. I know Marissa wants to go to Oak Alley and Myrtles. I am sure there are some other old plantations in this area. Any other ideas? Mari and I did our walk and exercises. Had breakfast. Doing emails and will start laundry and house stuff in a little bit. I finished the laundry in two days, now I can do something else in the house. Rory's plans have changed already, as he has to go to Signal Hill to pick up something and then to Long Beach to find out the building, where he has to go on Friday for an orientation. I have really learned to just ride with the flow or have I? Finished doing house stuff, took a nap, had lunch and then ran errands with Mari. I had one of those errand days with lots of places to go and not much to get at any one place. Came home, made a smoothie and worked on computer stuff till dinner time. I wrote on my other blog-gypsymomvirtualconcierge.blogspot.com. I have this tendency to make things bigger than they are and I have to remember to keep things simple. I know that every career field has their own lingo and I have to remember I am just starting this. I want to know how I can learn more. Tonight, I have been feeling very frustrated and then Mari just said, "Mom, keep it simple"; and someone else said to me, how much she enjoyed my pictures. I have to go back and look at what I want to do and keep it there. Travel, write, take pictures and learn/explore. Need to do my reading early tonight, as Mari has a program she wants to watch and I am going to watch it with her. Good night, Trudi

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