Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why and a trip to Chicago and back on Route 66

Good Morning! Up at my normal time. Did my morning routine. Things are becoming too much for Rory. His car needs to have something fixed. The refrigerator needs to be checked out and he thinks something is wrong with the a/c and it is not. Last night, he was going from sweating to chills. He wanted me to come up and check up on him and in reality, we had communicated many times during the day. I was trying to tell him to drink more water and he wants me to come up and give him the water. I am taking care of me and I will handle the refrigerator and get someone to come out and do a check up on the a/c. He wants me to handle his car. I cannot do everything. I want a mate, who is responsible and independent and I, somehow, have to remember that Rory is not that person. I am so thankful that Mari and I support each other. I know Marissa cannot do that for me. Why do I have to be the responsible one? It is a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and Mari and I are going over to the park and walk 6 laps. This afternoon Mari and I are going to Laguna to get some supplies for school for her and walk around and take some pictures for my virtual concierge blog. Need to make breakfast for Rory, so better get going. In my new routine with food, I am learning that I need to cut down on the carbs. Usually at dinner, we have a protein, vegetables and a carb. I am going to start cutting out the carbs at dinner and have a protein and a vegetable. I have been trying to cut out the dessert at dinner and making my dessert a piece of fruit. I am also going to have at lunch a salad with a protein, instead of a sandwich. Making wise choices and caring about me is the important thing. Trip #3-Off for Chicago we go, do some exploring in Chicago and then head back for Los Angeles on Route 66. I have been at the airport many times, but never explored the city. As far as Route 66, this is a route I want to drive, as I love history. We would make one minor detour and go up to Kansas City, MO and see friends. Mari and I did our 6 laps around the park and also we did 2 pieces of the equipment. There was a whole bunch of dragonflies at the park, which was interesting. Came home, made breakfast, did house stuff, took a nap, had lunch and then Mari and I headed for Laguna. There was traffic, but I have seen it worse. Went to the art store and then walked over to Whole Foods and got dinner and saw someone Mari knew at Saddleback College. She also used to work at Trader Joe's, then she sort of disappeared. A while ago I saw her at Starbucks. It was nice to see her at Whole Foods. This Whole Foods, Mari goes to quite often during the school year, so hopefully they can meet up again. Walked down to Main Beach and took some pictures. A lot of people at the beach. Walked up Laguna Canyon and headed back to the car. We decided to go to a yogurt place and get smoothies. Then headed back home and am now getting quiet time until dinner. We are having pork chops and veges for dinner. Pictures from our trip to Laguna:
Dinner was delicious and we watched a program Mari likes called "Call of the Wildman" After the program we decided to turn off the TV and do our own thing. About 9, I will do my reading and head for bed about 10, unless Rory decides to come downstairs. Good night! Trudi

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