Sunday, August 12, 2012

Field trip

Good Morning! Got up around 6 and did my morning routine. Rory watching TV as usual. Need to remember to do some research of my own into the Presidential candidates, so I can make an informed decision. Trying to increase my stretching exercises by one, so that at the beginning of September, it won't be a shock to my system, when I increase it by 5. Need to make Rory's breakfast. Mari is going to make blueberry/banana pancakes. Mari and I are going to Muzeo this morning with a group. Yesterday when Mari and I were in Target, we were looking at earrings that Mari would like and I saw some that I wanted. I have a pair on today that goes with the top I am wearing and Rory complimented me. I hear so much negative from him that when he actually gives me a compliment, it is a minor detail. I feel like all I hear from him is negative. Had breakfast and then headed to Muzeo, which is in Anaheim. The museum is in an historical dwelling. The exhibit was on The Bible, which was interesting and then there was a photography exhibit. From there we went to lunch at The Lazy Dog Cafe. The food was good. I don't know if this group is really for me, as they seem to like movies and plays mostly, which is not one of my top priorities. They do go to some interesting restaurants. I will stay with the group and do things once in a while with them. On the way home, we stopped at Trader Joe's and then came home. It was nice for awhile, as it was quiet downstairs. Marissa came downstairs and wanted to know how our outing went and then Rory came down and had to tell me all about some of the things that went on during the day. If he made it brief, I would not mind, but I have to hear every little detail, plus more. Like, in regards to his tire light, it would be nice, if it was just, I went to Big O and they were to busy, so I left, but usually it is way more than that. I had to hear about all the prisoners in the hospitals and all of their ailments. We had to talk about money and when he is going to work and on and on. Time for dinner. This was lunch:
Interesting clouds driving home from lunch:
Had dinner of left over noodles and veges from lunch and then made chow mein with sausage and some more veges. Watched TV with the girls. Rory is going to come down and watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. This is going to be a busy week. I want to start moving forward. Rory was talking about once we get the end of the money, what am I going to do. I have some ideas and I need to make some plans to move forward with those ideas. New week, new start. Going to say good night, Trudi

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