Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Good Morning! Not a great night. My knee hurt and I was still wound up after watching the TV show I watched and excitement about what I am doing tomorrow with taking the train up to Union Station to take a tour of Downtown LA. Rory was not sleeping well either. Anyway, did my morning routine and then got Mari up at 7:30, so we could go walk the lake. Stopped at Starbuck's to get breakfast and then drove home. When we are out at the lake, we usually like to drive home the canyon, but there must have been an accident, as they had the road blocked off. This is typical for Live Oak Canyon, as there have been a multitude of accidents back there. So turned around and came home the way we came. Rory had already left as he had an appointment at 11 to get a permit he needs for this possible new job. Doing my emails and will get going on house stuff shortly. Got house stuff done and a nap. My 2.2 mile walk
Had lunch and then started working on editing pictures. Marissa was not feeling good, so I have this feeling that we are not going tonight. This was supposed to be a relationship workshop and I was hoping they would work on overall relationships, not just dating, but that seems to be what they are working on is dating. Oh well! I had an appointment at 3 to see Rory's therapist and about 2, I was getting this feeling that I didn't really want to go, but I went. The therapist is ok and we will see how long Rory stays with this. Came home and Marissa had decided not to go tonight and I was glad, as I was tired. Had dinner and watched TV and doing stuff on the computer. Rory came home about 6:30, which was early, as he said he would be home about 8:30-9. I have really gotten to the point I talk to people on the computer or by text and I very rarely call people. I have a long time friend, who is going through radiation treatment and she can't drive. She calls me and says to me, you haven't called me. I feel guilty. I had planned to call her, but I had not gotten around to it. I know she is by herself and gets lonely. I get so wrapped up with other things that I either forget or when I think about it, the timing is not right. I can only do what I can do. Good night, Trudi

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