Friday, August 31, 2012

Anger, frustration and hurt

Good Morning! Got up at my usual time and doing my normal routine! I have been reading a couple of devotionals that I have kept from Pastor Rick Warren on anger. He asks three questions-Why am I angry, what do I really want and How can I get it? I have anger, frustration and hurt at Rory. Rory is a dependent, irresponsible, selfish person and that is definitely not the type of person I wanted to marry, but I did. I want a mate who is independent, motivated and responsible. I don't know if Rory could be that type of a person. We both have changed over the years. It is sad what our marriage has become. The other questions he asks is-Am I hurt, am I afraid, do i feel threatened or like I am going to lose something of value, and the last question is, am I frustrated. My answer to two questions is yes, to one question is somewhat yes and one is maybe. I need to get Rory's breakfast before I get Mari up at 8, so we can go walking. She was exhausted last night when I picked her up. The only thing we have planned for today is to get our hair cut. Mari and I did our usual walk, came home and had breakfast. Doing my typical morning routine. Had lunch and then the girls and I went out and ran errands. Yea, I got my hair cut. It was getting too bushy and now it is the way I like it. Having quiet time. Peacefulness:
Pastor Rick's next devotional on anger uses Roman 12:2 as his verse and then he talks about the way we act is determined by the way we feel and the way we feel is determined by the way we think. If we want to change the way we act, we have to change the way we think. Questions are Do I enjoy getting angry?, Does it produce the intended results when I get angry? Could I get the same results in a more effective way? How would I be different? How serious am I about getting control of my anger. I especially see this in Rory and somewhat in my myself. Angry people are insecure people. The more insecure I am, the more things tick me off. The more insecure I am, the more upset I get and the more irritable I am. This has been interesting reading and there are more devotionals on anger. Mari made our dinner of Pizza Hamburgers and I made dinner for Rory. It's Friday and that means it is steak night for him. Not much on TV tonight, so we are just hanging out! Will do my reading at 9 and go to bed at 10. Sweet Pea decided this afternoon, she wanted to sleep on my office chair and I decided to put her blue blanket over the top of the chair, which made a cave for her, which she liked.
The second full moon of the month of August, otherwise known as a blue moon.

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