Saturday, September 1, 2012

Heading for one of my favorite places

Good Morning! It is a field trip day, so up around 6 and doing my usual morning routine. Mari and I are headed for San Diego this morning. We are going to meet a photography group and go to the National City Railroad Station. Then we are going to go over to Coronado and take some pictures. Looking forward to a day away. Need to get breakfast. Made breakfast for all of us. Went through emails. Mari and I left sort of on time, but that was ok. Just as I was pulling out of the garage, my cell phone rang and a friend of mine called me to say she was in the hospital. She had hit her head on her chest of drawers on Thursday and because she deals with cancer, they put her in the hospital. We talked for a little while and we decided I would call her later. Headed for San Diego and stopped at a vista point and took some pictures of the birds. Went to In N'Out Burger for lunch and then over to the train station and met up with the group. Hung out there for a little bit and took pictures, then headed for Coronado to take some pictures and then headed up the coast. It was a beautiful day! Made a couple of stops on the way home. Marissa put in the ribs, so that with rice and veges is what we had for dinner. I did call Val back. There are times, I wish people would stay out of my life. I know she means well! I am tired tonight and I feel somewhat depressed. I really didn't feel like writing this tonight, but thought it might cheer me up. I think I am just tired.

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