Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wonderfully cool

Good Morning! My usual morning routine and it has become wonderfully cool in the morning and I am so enjoying it. Better get moving, as I need to make Rory breakfast and Mari up at 8, so we can go walking. Going to Laguna today to get some supplies for Mari. Mari and I did our walk this morning. Lots of interruptions and a nice compliment from someone who remembered us from a couple of weeks ago. Came home and Mari made carrot cake pancakes. Yummy! Did my usual morning routine. Took my nap. Had lunch and then headed down to Laguna to get some supplies for Mari. Traffic was packed. Last weekend of summer, warm day and the beach, what do I expect. Rory went to the store and came home with things he wanted. The girls birthday is this week and we were going to go out and get cupcakes, so he brings home cupcakes from the store, which, to me are not as good as Casey's. He likes the store bought better, so I told him he could keep them upstairs. I really tried not to get angry. He has no willpower when he goes to the store. Having quiet time until dinner time. Clouds from this morning:
Made dinner, and for once did not turn on the TV. The girls and I sat around and talked, which was really nice. Rory, of course, was up in our room eating his dinner and watching TV. After we had dinner, Mari colored my hair. I am doing a challenge in a group that I belong to and we are using the word yellow. I put up a picture and someone challenged me to do more with the picture. I have a hard time with criticism, but I am trying to learn from it and do more with what I have. This is a learning thing for me. I was getting Mari involved in it, but I know she needed to do homework. I need to learn this on my own. A friend of mine texted me at 8:40 and wanted to know if I wanted to go out for frozen yogurt or Starbucks. I really like going out in the afternoon or late morning. Overall, after dinner, I like to be home. Need to give Sweet Pea her shot, do my reading and get to bed. Good Night. Trudi

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