Sunday, September 9, 2012

Walking secret stairs

Good Morning! I actually slept in until 6:30, as Mari and I are not walking until later this afternoon. There is a book called "Secret Stairs of Los Angeles" and a meet up group with the same name and this is how we are going to get our walk today. I need to get Rory's breakfast and Mari is making our breakfast. Going to do my computer stuff and then I will make Rory's breakfast. I am at my lowest weight, since I started this weight loss journey or more like my being healthy journey. When I stay home and really stick to my food plan, the weight goes down, but I am learning, that even though I make wise choices, eating out does not help the weight loss. I do have to remember that I am lower than I was when I started this and I am thrilled. I know tonight we are having pizza and I am really going to make wise choices, but if I stay the same, I am not going to beat myself up, it will just be getting back on the horse again and moving forward. I have also been trying to think of how our marriage has changed and what needs to change, in order to get us back to where we were. Two things have to change and that is communication and respect. Since I have been on this healthy journey, Rory is not real supportive and I need that support. I am so thankful for one group, that has been supportive. I was reading Pastor Rick's devotional today and he talks about announcing goals and having faith that Jesus will fulfill those goals. My goals are: I want to be a healthy weight and have a healthy body, I want to be married to a man I really love and lastly, I want to be able to travel the United States and share what I experience through what I write and photograph. As far as my marriage, I would like to stay married to Rory, if he could be a different person than he is; but I really could not stay with him for the rest of my life, the way he is. Did my emails and house stuff. I got a gift card from Amazon for a photo challenge I did over the summer and I have decided I am going to get a Kindle. I am going to get rid of the books I have. There are certain "coffee table" books I want to keep. Had lunch and watched a program on TV, called "House Hunters International". These people moved to Brussels, Belgium. I think that is one place I would like to live and use that as a hub and be able to travel to other parts of Europe. I love traveling by train. Doing some computer stuff. At 2:30, we are going to leave for our walk. Breakfast Pancakes:
It was an interesting afternoon. We left about 2:30 and stopped to get gas and then headed for Los Angeles. We were lucky in that, we had very little traffic, until we got into downtown Los Angeles. We had to take the 101 and there was a car on fire near Union Station, which had backed up traffic. We didn't get to the meet up place until 4:30 and the group had already left. We got pizza and headed home. Went by Trader Joe's and then picked up pizza for Rory and Marissa. Came home, had dinner and watched TV. At 9, I am going to do my reading and go to bed at 10. good night, Trudi

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