Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday, a day of rest

Good Morning! I wasn't sure how well I would sleep on the new bed, but maybe, it was a good thing that I was exhausted, because I slept like a log, except for waking up one time. It was nice to have a softer mattress. Today, I am going to give my body a rest, except for doing usual house stuff. Not sure what the day will bring, but we will see. Doing my usual morning routine. Made Rory's breakfast and then made sausage for us. Mari made pancakes for the girls of us this morning. Watched "Too Cute" while we were eating breakfast. Love that show. It's on Animal Planet. Did laundry and other household chores, then made lunch and took a nap. Marissa is not feeling well, but she decided to go to Target with me. Made a chocolate banana smoothie. I am going to do some writing until 5:30. The girls want to watch "Making Monsters" at 5, so I will watch that with them. Made dinner and as Mari said, I am into Mexican Food right now. We had enchiladas the other night, last night it was tacquitos and chili and tonight it was Chicken Fajitas and tomorrow night we are having Fish tacos. YUM! I love Mexican food. At 7, we turned off the TV and I am editing pictures from yesterday. I love sharing my pictures.
Amazing Race starts tonight, so I am watching that, then I will do my reading and go to bed. Good Night, Trudi

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