Friday, September 7, 2012

Going and coming

Good Morning! I am combining two days into one, as yesterday, Mari had school from 10-10, and Marissa and I went to San Diego on the train to see an old restored trolley car, that is actually used and then we went to the William Davis house, that Marissa wanted to see. We walked quite a bit around Downtown San Diego and then took the train home. We were both very tired by the time we got home, so I really did not feel like writing. Yesterday was the Farmer's Market, so on the way home from the train, we went by and picked up our box of produce. For me, this is always fun to get, in order to see the produce I can use for the rest of the week and it gives us some new things to try. Today is mainly a day at home. I was up at my usual time and doing my usual morning routine. Need to get Rory's breakfast and get Mari up at 8. On Friday's I really feel guilty about getting her up, but I know she can take a nap later. Mari and I did our walk, then, we came home and had breakfast. Doing emails and house stuff. Here is the park I walk:
I did take a nap today, as I think the trip yesterday wore me out. Had lunch and then went running errands. Came home, put groceries away. When I first walked in the door, Rory was downstairs and Mari's door was closed and I thought, oh great, I am going to have to put groceries away all by myself and Rory was going to non-stop talk at me. GRR! Luckily, Mari came out and helped. I had to send something for Rory to a friend of his and that cost $11.50 and the plumber coming out, cost $98.00. Sort of two stupid things that had to be done. Now getting quiet time. Rory doesn't get it, when I tell him, it would be better if he went upstairs and let me be myself. He really wanted to know, why I was angry-frustration with several things. Mari and I made dinner and we watched a little bit of TV, then worked on the computer. Rory decided to come downstairs, so I went up. At 9 going to do reading and at 10, turning off the light. Good night, Trudi

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